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TYPE:  Belgian Blond Ale / 6° alc.

AROMAS:  Malty notes of white bread and herbaceous from the hops.

SENSATIONS AND FLAVORS: The first mouthfeel is round with malty brioche and hoppy flavors with nice floral notes.

The Lutgarde Blonde then reveals its fruity touches of white grape and spicy vanilla.

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TYPE:  Belgian beer/ 6° alc.

AROMAS: The cactus releases its freshness directly, overhung by a touch of lime.  

SENSATIONS AND FLAVORS: The first taste is very refreshing. The subtle addition of cape gooseberry, cactus and orange peel gives a unique flavor.

Finally, the end of mouth gives way to a beautiful "piquant" bitterness.

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TYPE:  Indian Pale Ale / 6,5° alc.

ARÔMES:  Les arômes puissants annonçent la belle complexité de cette IPA. On découvre le côté caramel d'une Belgian Pale Ale dotée de touches plus exotiques apportées ensuite par le houblon. On retrouve des notes fruitées de litchee, de mangue et de mandarine.

SENSATIONS AND FLAVORS: The texture is light and the nice fizz brings a very refreshing side to the Lutgarde IPA. Then, the hoppy flavors come to titillate the taste buds with notes of mango, pineapple but also apricot and orange marmalade reminiscent of English IPA.

Finally, a beautiful persistent bitterness comes to line the palate.

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TYPE:  Lager Pilsner / 5° alc.

AROMAS:  The aromas are light to medium with malty bread dough and hay-like hop notes. Subtle hints of banana and cloves finish the fresh bouquet of Lulu Pils.

SENSATIONS AND FLAVORS: The first mouthful is balanced between the malty white bread and refreshing fresh herb flavors that Lulu Pils offers. The finish is dry, slightly spicy and ends with a nice lingering bitterness.

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